Ultrasound Services

"I cannot say enough positive things about Baby Pictures and it's owner Melissa! The service she provides is truly unmatched and the opportunity to "meet" your unborn baby is irreplaceable. She makes you feel at home and welcome. I highly recommend getting an ultrasound done and maybe even shop in their boutique! " -Angie R.

Conveniently located in downtown Bellevue, Baby Pictures provides expectant parents and their family members with state-of-the-art ultrasound imaging in a relaxing and convenient setting. Astounding 4-Dimensional ultrasound images with or without Realistic Vue™ (RV) of your baby’s first movements for the family archives are something to be treasured for generations.

Melissa, owner of Baby Pictures, was the first in the country to have used the original 3D system from Medison to allow parents to see their unborn baby in a relaxed setting.  In 2014, Baby Pictures moved to the Samsung/Medison Accuvix A30.  Always wanting to stay on top of the latest technology, in 2016, Melissa once again upgraded to a brand new Samsung WS80A Elite which is a high resolution premium system that delivers exceptional image clarity and continues to advance volumetric imaging with Realistic Vue™ and 5D ultrasound.  Sometimes this is referred to as HD or high definition.

Realistic Vue™ displays high resolution 3D anatomy with exceptional detail and realistic depth perception. This allows you to see the baby like never before!  Not only is it real-time, but it looks as if a light is shining in on your little one.  And because of this fantastic new technology, a lot of the image manipulation can happen after the image is frozen allowing for less active imaging time which makes it even safer than with older machines!  This is Melissa’s favorite aspect of this machine as your baby’s safety is her first priority.

Melissa is a pioneer in this field who continues to set the trend in technology. By staying on the forefront of the latest ultrasound technology and education, she is able to offer you the safest and most enjoyable environment possible to meet your baby.

For optimum viewing of the baby, Melissa recommends scheduling an appointment for when the expectant mother  has progressed to at least 28 weeks or more into her pregnancy for a 4-Dimensional ultrasound.  With the Feto Realistic View (FRV) we can usually get great images as early as 24 weeks into the pregnancy.  For 2-Dimensional ultrasound or a gender check ultrasound we recommend 20 weeks or further into the pregnancy.  (We will not do any ultrasounds before 17 weeks into a pregnancy. ) These are merely suggestions of optimum times, for questions about this, please call.

Learning the baby’s sex is optional – some parents want to be surprised and some want to pick out the name in advance. You can be among the first to own some of these keepsake images. All it takes is a note from your attending physician or midwife and an appointment; rates are reasonable.

Once scheduled, the whole visit takes less than one hour, even less for 2-Dimensional pictures. At the end of the visit you will get a variety of photographs, CD and a video DVD of baby’s first starring role!

Baby Pictures does not do diagnostic procedures, but if an obvious anomaly or problem is seen during the course of the session, the attending physician or midwife is notified.

Gift Certificates are also available!

Mother meeting her baby
Feto Realistic View