We have loved meeting your babies these past 25 years!

Thank you for 25 fantastic years

As of February 1, 2018 I have decided to hang up my probe for the last time and retire to spend more time with my family. I want to thank all of you for allowing me to be a part of celebrating such a huge moment in your lives these past 25 years. It has been my great honor and joy to be able to introduce you to your babies.

I am referring everyone to Tiffanie at Hey Baby Ultrasound in Kirkland (844) 777-2229 and Gennadiy at Prenatal Universe in Tacoma (253) 880-9290. I know these two people will take care of you just as I would. They are warm, compassionate, talented, well-trained, experienced and safe. If I find another facility that I feel comfortable referring you to, I will update accordingly.

You can read more and reach me on my Facebook page @Babypictures or babypicturespren@gmail.com. I will continue to think of you all with such great appreciation that you allowed me to share in the significant milestones in your family’s lives. Thank you for an amazing 25 years!

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“When it comes to Ultrasound, the future is here, and it’s only at Baby Pictures. Don’t wait another day to see what your baby’s smile looks like … I felt like I met my baby 10 whole weeks before his due date.” -Monti Carlo

Is it safe?

We hear reports warning us against “keepsake videos” during pregnancy.  Should we be worried?

Ultrasound technology has been around for more than 30 years and no harmful bio-effects have been found.

The FDA has concern for non-necessary medical procedures when this complicated medical equipment is used in an uncontrolled environment without a consultation with a health care professional. The report states:

“Although there is a lack of evidence of any harm due to ultrasound imaging and heartbeat monitors, prudent use of these devices by trained health care providers is important.” (FDA Consumer Update – December 16, 2014)

That is why it is so important to entrust your baby to a registered or licensed sonographer who has the years of medical training to make this a safe experience for you and your baby.

Melissa Dachs (RT, RDMS, RVT), owner and operator of Baby Pictures since 1994, is a professional, licensed sonographer with more than 26 years of ultrasound experience and over 33 years of medical experience. Bring your baby to someone you can trust!

Melissa Dachs RDMS

Why choose Baby Pictures?

Baby Pictures Prenatal Video Ultrasound provides non-diagnostic state-of-the-art 4D ultrasound imaging and has been owned and operated since 1994 by a professional, licensed ARDMS sonographer. 

Baby Pictures was the first in the state to get a 3D machine in 1999, upgraded to 4D technology in 2002 and has recently set the standard again by acquiring a brand new machine which allows for Realistic Vue™ which is the most realistic view ever!

Baby Pictures is the original and most trusted prenatal video ultrasound provider that has the medical training and relaxed atmosphere to make this a special and safe experience for you and your baby.  Why choose anywhere else to come and meet your baby?